About Rail Trails

If you need an easier hiking or biking trail, rail trails are for you. A rail trail is a trail built on a former railroad bed. As you might expect from a railroad bed, these trails have very slight inclines. If you’re pushing a stroller or rolling in a wheelchair, many of these trails will be great for you as well. Rail trails are also great for introducing your small kids to hiking.

The rail trails are comprised of land managed by nonprofit organizations, village, town and county governments, local development corporations, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

About Me

self portrait

Hi, I’m Terry Westley.

While on business travel to California over weekends, I developed a desire to hike the many national parks and monuments within a short drive. My most ambitious hike was Mount Dana from Tioga Pass. One man that passed me told me that he was training for Mount McKinley. I especially loved hiking in Death Valley. Hiking is very spiritual for me because it helps me see how great God is and how small I am.

Then I retired from that job. I love being retired and I still love hiking. I’ve especially enjoyed the winter and summer hiking challenges developed by Outside Chronicles.

Despite being up-to-date on the vaccinations, I got COVID in 2022, and spent two days in the hospital. After that, I suffered several ongoing symptoms including fatigue and oxygen shortage that some have called Long COVID. Looking for easier hiking trails, I found rail trails in my local region.

Thankfully, Long COVID symptoms are long gone now so I’m keeping up with the local hiking challenges and enjoying discovering rail trails. With this website, I hope to share that passion with you.