Nancy B. Diggs Trail

The Nancy B. Diggs Trail is a segment of the Chautauqua Rails To Trails (CR2T). The CR2T Trail Segments page says, the trail “begins at Hannum Road and runs northward past Bentley Road to State Route 430, passing through woodland and offering first peeks at the agricultural diversity of the area.” The trail is 1.4 miles point to point (2.8 out and back) with an elevation gain of 92 feet.

The CR2T’s map of the trail shows the trail’s location near Mayville, NY. The only available parking is a few spots at the beginning of the trail. It is not paved and not striped.

Leave No Trace, Ten Essentials

While you’re enjoying the outdoors, please leave no trace for the sake of the environment and pack the ten essentials for your own safety.

Trail Surface

The trail surface is earth and grass and a little bit of gravel. There is a low section near the end of the trail that may have pooled water if it has rained recently. The trail has very little elevation gain except at the last portion that comes upon Route 430. Here there is a short steep descent to Route 430. But it’s the end of trail and can be avoided by just turning around. Only if you’re planning to cross the road and go on to the Nadine and Paul Webb Trail will you have to traverse the steep part.

The trail is great for skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Winter snowshoeing

Sign of the last public hanging in New York

Please consider carefully whether this trail surface is adequate for your activity.


There are no public restrooms at the trailheads or along the trail.

Points of Interest

This was a huge surprise to me on the trail: a sign memorializing the last public hanging in New York State.


From private communication (Mar 8, 2023) from Wendy Lewellen, Secretary, Chautauqua Rails to Trails:

Nancy’s husband Matthew financed the purchase of the trail property in 1998 through his foundation and named it after his wife to honor her. They live in Dayton, Ohio, but have lived in their home at Chautauqua for decades. His friendship with Les Johnson who used to own Hollyloft Ski and Bike and who worked for Chautauqua Rails to Trails for years, was the connection. The couple were active cyclists and hikers. To know more about her, check her website, Nancy Brown Diggs, successful nonfiction writer. They still come to Chautauqua every summer and are wonderful people.

Trail Summary

Distance 1.4 miles 2.8 miles out and back
Elevation gain 92 feet  
Trail surface Mostly earth and grass and a little bit of gravel
Difficulty Easy  
Point of Interest 42.241342, -79.525405 Sign of last public hanging in New York
Parking Lot 42.24057, -79.54788 2-3 spaces, not paved, not striped

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