Cheektowaga Historic Rails to Trails

The Cheektowaga Historic Rails to Trails (AKA Lehigh Valley Railroad Rail Trail) is a 2.35 mile, 8-foot wide asphalt trail built on a Lehigh Valley Railroad bed adjacent to an active rail yard. The trail proceeds west and south from Union Road ending at the corner of Hurd and Medina Streets. The trail head has a small parking lot off Union Rd ju...

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Springville Pop Warner Trail

The Springville Pop Warner Trail is 1.8 miles point to point with an elevation gain of 4 feet. Starting at the parking lot on West Main St, if you walk out and back to North Street and then out and back to (behind) Lowe’s, that will be 3.6 miles. You may want to do more or less than that since the trail is pretty good beyond the official boundar...

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