Rail Trails near Buffalo, NY

If you’re looking for easy hikes near Buffalo, NY, look at these rail trails. A rail trail is a trail built on a former railroad bed. They are great for running, cycling and walking. The asphalt ones may be better for rolling, rollerblading, and pushing a stroller. With adequate snowfall, all are good for skiing and snowshoeing. Please consider carefully which trails are suitable for your activity.

Trail name and link Distance Elevation Gain Trail Surface
Amherst Peanut Line Trail 5.2 miles 33 feet Mostly grass, some gravel
Cheektowaga Historic Rails to Trails 2.35 miles 66 feet Asphalt
Clarence Pathways Peanut Line 7.2 miles 145 feet Asphalt
Concord Segment of the ECRT 7.4 miles 293 feet Grass, gravel, and ballast
Lancaster Heritage Trail 4 miles 81 feet Asphalt
Lehigh Memory Trail 0.5 miles 7 feet Asphalt
Lockport Rail Trail 2 miles 14 feet 1/2 mile of asphalt then gravel and possible pools of water
Newstead-Akron Bike Path 5.2 miles 68 feet Asphalt
North Buffalo Rails to Trails 0.8 miles 36 feet Asphalt
Orchard Park North Segment of the ECRT 1.2 miles 99 feet Gravel
Orchard Park South Segment of the ECRT 2.2 miles 156 feet Ballast and grass
Pendleton Rail Trail 6.1 miles 27 feet Asphalt, dirt, ruts
Tonawanda Rails to Trails 4 miles 7 feet Asphalt